Event Request Form

Please fill in all the necessary information below.

All Event Request Forms (ERFs) must be received by the deadline (15th of the month, two months prior to the event) in order to approve the LibCal entry and complete marketing materials/send publicity (when appropriate).

5 Simple Steps

Step 1: You have an idea- yay!

Step 2: Contact the Assistant Director

Via phone, e-mail, or in person by the 15th of the month at least 3 months prior to your event to get approval for the event. The only events that do not require approval are events that happen on a recurring basis throughout the year, for example: a bookclub that meets monthly. These events still need to be added to LibCal and an ERF needs to be submitted by Branch Librarians.

Step 3: Create your LibCal entry.

Your entry must include a two to three sentence description of your event, events with no description will not be published.

Choose an image for your event:

  1. Make sure it follows copyright.
  2. Put it in LibCal.  

Step 4: Submit your ERF

Step 5: Submit your digital display graphics, minis, and community posters to the Marketing and Communications Manager for approval. (Reminder: only the digital display is required. Minis and community posters are up to your discretion. Remember, LibCal entries won’t be approved until your marketing materials have also been submitted.)

Please know:

ALL EVENTS NEED AN ERF, INCLUDING STORYTIMES, BOOK CLUBS, AND BOOK SALES. The only exception to this is a Friends of the Library Meeting. 

If you want to save a copy, after you submit the form the page will refresh and show you the text of what you printed. Copy & paste that into a word document and save it or print it for your records.

Do not submit ERFs for Legacy programs, the Program Coordinator will do so.

MARKETING UPDATE: As of Monday, April 18, 2022, Branch Librarians and their staff will be responsible for creating the digital display graphic, mini handouts, and community flyers for their non-Legacy events. Please share your designs via email for approval from the Marketing and Communications Manager.

Lastly,  a friendly reminder that your Friends of the Library Group does not offer programs, they support the Branch Librarian’s programs.


ERFs must be submitted by the 15th of the month, at least two months prior to the event date. (i.e.- LibCal entries and ERFs are due June 15 for events happening in August.)

If you have missed the deadline or have questions please reach out to either the Marketing and Communications Manager or the Program Coordinator.