Prevent the ‘summer slide’ and Read – For the Win!

Readers of all ages are encouraged to read like a champ and bring home the gold this summer as part of the East Central Regional Library’s 2016 summer reading program: Read – For the Win! Youths in preschool through teen are welcome to participate, along with those from all generations, in many of the programs, contests and activities offered. All are free and open to the public.

Reading from June to September is important to prevent the “summer slide,” as children who don’t read during the summer can lose up to two months of learning by the time they return to school in the fall. In fact, children who participate in summer reading programs and read a minimum of six books over the break score higher in reading and math when they return to school. This reflects solid preparation and confidence in reading by the time the first bell rings in the new school year.

To succeed in school and life, children and young adults need ongoing opportunities to learn and practice essential skills. Libraries are part of the solution, and summer reading programs remind kids that reading is for fun – as well as for learning. Just think … more than 82 million children attend library programs every year.

Stop by your local East Central Regional Library to learn more about this year’s summer reading program and don’t forget to Read – For the Win!

Source: Dominican University IMLS-funded research: Public Library Summer Reading Programs Close the Reading Gap (PDF).

Prisoners in Fantasy and Fact

SYNC 2016 Week 2’s featured eAudiobook opens a new and popular fantasy series. Paired with it is a true-life account by an attorney who played a significant role in changing the destiny of a young man in a faraway land. Together, this week’s eAudiobook pair illustrates hope in the face of some of the most extreme forms of hopelessness, showing how an individual’s sacrifice can make a monumental impact.

The Sin Easin-eaters-daughter-101262-sync2016-2000x2000 (1)ter’s Daughter

By Melinda Salisbury. Read by Amy Shiels. 

A dark YA fantasy that balances political intrigue, an evil queen, and a love triangle. Twylla, the 17-year-old heroine, lives in a castle and has the power to kill by simply touching the victim. However, her power is one she’s inherited and her role as executioner of prisoners isn’t the life she chose, nor that she wants.

Divine Collisiondivine-collision-110417-sync2016-2400x2400

By Jim Gash. Read by Brandon Batchelar.

Los Angeles lawyer and law professor, Jim Gash, tells the true story of how he found himself in the heart of Africa, performing legal rescue work on behalf of imprisoned children in Uganda, particularly of defending Henry, a courageous Ugandan boy languishing in prison and wrongfully accused of two separate murders. You can find out more about Gash’s work and Henry’s imprisonment by watching BBC Outlook: Teen Wrongly Accused of Two Murders

Available for a Limited Time

Remember: download these titles before they are replaced by a new pairing on 5/19/2016! While the title availability is time-limited, your listening time is not. Once you have downloaded the MP3 files, the eAudiobooks are yours to keep!

Thanks to Scholastic Audio and Oasis Audio for providing the downloads this week.  Happy listening!

Just getting started? You can learn all about the AudiobookSYNC program and how to get started listening here.

More Big Library Read!

Have you finished American Sniper, but just can’t get enough?

Taya Kyle, the widow of author Chris Kyle, visited with OverDrive’s Professional Book Nerds podcast to share more about their story and talk about the version of Chris you may not see in American Sniper. Taya, who is also a New York Times best-selling author, shared wonderful insight into their experiences both while Chris was serving and at home. Listen to the exclusive interview with Taya Kyle.

On ECRL’s OverDrive Digital Library, you will also discover some great American Sniper read-alikes in our Featured Collection.

There’s still time borrow American Sniper in eBook or eAudiobook format without wait lists or holds! Big Library Read runs through 31st.