Text reads: Now Introducing Auto Renewal Starting July 2024!

Automatic Renewals Starting July 2024

Great news! East Central Regional Library is implementing automatic renewals in July of 2024!

What is automatic renewal?

Automatic renewal is a new feature that will automatically renew all eligible physical items 3 days prior to their due date. Most items will automatically renew if no one else is waiting for that item, you haven’t reached your maximum number of allowed renewals already, and the material type allows renewal.

Why might my item not automatically renew?

An item won’t automatically renew if:

  • Another library user has requested it.
  • The item has reached its maximum number of renewals (up to 2 times).
  • You owe more than $10 on your account.
  • Your account is expired.
  • The item is ineligible for renewal: this includes all electronic materials, interlibrary loan items, and state park passes.

How will I know if my item was automatically renewed?

There are a few ways to find out the due dates of your item(s):

  • On the 3-day courtesy notices and/or automatic renewal notices sent via email and/or text message.
  • Via your online account at discovery.ecrlib.org or in the new East Central Regional Library App.
  • By calling the library to inquire.
  • By visiting the library and asking a staff member.

If you are signed up for email notifications, and your items are successfully automatically renewed, you will receive an email that looks like this:

If your items were unable to be automatically renewed for any reason, you will receive the standard 3-day courtesy notice that looks like this:

Can I still manually renew my items early?

You can still manually renew your items any time before the due date. This means, if the system tried to automatically renew your items at the 3-day-before due date mark, but was unable to automatically renew at that time, you can still attempt to manually renew your item(s) at any time prior to the due date.

Can I opt out of automatic renewal?

No, you cannot opt out. Automatic renewal is a process that applies to all ECRL cardholder accounts. If you don’t wish to keep an item, please return it when you’re finished.

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