Power Check and Draft Check meters available!

Thanks to East Central Regional Library’s continued partnership with Xcel Energy’s Power Check and Draft Check program, library cardholders can now check out two new, handheld devices that will help conserve energy and ultimately save money on energy bills.
The Power Check meter measures the amount and rate of electricity used by appliances and electronic devices. Plus, it can identify appliances with “vampire” usage – that is, drawing power when an appliance is actually off. Take the first step toward understanding a home’s energy use and learning what can be done to save money and energy.
The Draft Check meter uses an infrared sensor to measure energy loss and identify leaks of heated and cooled air. With those measurements residents can take steps to combat temperature changes, make their home more energy efficient and save money. Common areas where drafts often occur include the seams of walls, windows and doors; attics, basements and crawl spaces; vents and plumbing stacks; electric outlets and light switches; and wall molding and baseboards.
Place your holds for these devices in the library catalog. Each device comes with operational and safety information in a convenient carrying case, and they must be returned during library open hours or curbside pickup hours.
The Power Check and Draft Check program is a simple, easily accessible, free way for the public to learn more about their energy use and start finding ways to combat energy loss and inefficiencies.

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