Update Concerning ECRL’s Closure on January 5 & 6, 2024

On the evening of Friday, January 5, staff at multiple ECRL libraries received phone calls about a bomb threat. Staff responded quickly, clearing buildings and contacting law enforcement. Threats did not specify location(s) and, as such, we were unable to determine which library or libraries the threat related to. Law enforcement agencies in all locations were contacted.

ECRL takes seriously the safety of its staff and the public, and as a result closed all branches on Saturday, January 6 while we worked to determine the credibility of this threat. We continue to work with law enforcement to identify the perpetrators.

Thank you to all the county and city law enforcement agencies for their quick responses, and to the public for your support and understanding regarding this unexpected closure. Branches opened as scheduled this morning and staff are looking forward to seeing you at the library soon.

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